FasTrack® Science

  • Introduce kids to the wonders of science cultivates a child’s inherent curiosity

    Children are born with naturally curious minds, investigating every facet of life and the world around them.  FasTracKids® cultivates a child’s inherent curiosity, investigative nature and inspires their minds to constantly explore.  Now is the perfect time to introduce them to the wonders of science!

  • 90 minutes once a week program inspires students to discover the wonders of their world

     Our FasTrack® Science program is designed for children ages 6-8 years old, using a hands-on, fully interactive inquiry based approach. For 90 minutes once a week, FasTrack Science inspires students to discover the wonders of their world while making learning exciting and “Cleverly Disguised as Fun!” Our young scientists work in collaborative groups and are encouraged to communicate their findings through video presentations. They develop superb lifelong learning skills and carry an enthusiasm for science outside of the classroom.

  • Join FasTrack Science as we explore Biology, Geography, Astronomy, Technology and Physics.

  • What’s the Matter?

    Our FasTrack scientist will explore the mysteries of molecules and magnets. Students perform experiments and connect with various on-line media in order understand the scientific building blocks of our world.

  • Biology: Life and Ecology Lab

    Young biologists will be fascinated as they learn about the human body’s organs and systems .  Hands on activities and interactive games allow students to visit and become familiar with various animals and their habitats.   As part of the study of the world’s ecosystem, young scientists learn about diverse plant life.

  • Water Wonders

    Young scientists will discover the importance of water and its many uses.  Students will discover the many uses of water, from recreational uses to its importance in commerce.  Scientists will engage in hands on activities to reinforce the water cycle and water conservation subjects.

  • Technology: Bytes & Bots

    Children are surrounded by technology.  In this unit, students will develop models of technology that exist all around them.  Our young scientists  will explore the advances in medical technology and understand how to think of and prepare for future inventions.  Additionally, students become civil engineers and design streets, bridges and railways as they discover the wonders of technology in transportation.

    • FasTrack® Science

      designed for children ages 6-8 years old, using a hands-on, fully interactive inquiry based approach.

    • World Renowned Education Experts

      FasTracKids Enrichment Centers serve 120,000 children each year in 270 locations worldwide

    • Designed to Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning

      FasTrack® programs capture their attention and stimulate their curiosity

    • Critical Thinking

      Every FasTracKids lesson gives your child an opportunity to think through and answer problem-solving activities.

    • Collaboration

      Our collaborative classroom environment offers your child the opportunity to work with and learn from other students

    • Creativity

      The FasTracKids methodology empowers your child to expand and hone their creativity

    • Communication

      All FasTracKids classrooms are language rich environments where children hear and respond to stimulating conversation

    • Confidence

      FasTracKids programs cultivate their sense of achievement and pride with positive reinforcement

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