FasTrack® Camps

  • FasTracKids® offers your child a fun, energetic day camp experiencethat will help them avoid the holiday education backslide

    FasTracKids® offers your child a fun, energetic day camp experience that will help them avoid the holiday education backslide. Recent studies have shown that students who “take a break” from learning can lose up to six months of education! This learning loss puts them at a significant disadvantage when they re-start school.

    FasTrack® Camps is a first camp experience for young learners, keeping the focus on fun while providing an opportunity to explore the worlds of an astronaut, a paleontologist or an international traveler. Each day is packed with energetic, interactive and exciting activities that continue developing the FasTrack® Advantages that we know are so critical for successful 21st century learners. Students spend a few hours each day creating, moving, discussing and experimenting; making our camps a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    In each camp, children are reinforcing the skills they learned throughout the school year, in a fun and engaging way, allowing your child to learn in the way he or she learns best.

  • Young Scientists, Old Bones

    Your child will meet Dr. Dino, a paleontologist who will guide the students as they explore the land of dinosaurs with his friend Terrance, the flying reptile. Don’t miss the FasTracKids Dinosaur Museum, which will showcase your child’s projects!

  • Anatomy of Me

    Through the exploration of different major anatomical or body systems (skeletal, respiratory, digestive, circulatory & nervous), your child will explore the human anatomy and learn to develop healthy habits along the way.

  • Ready, Set, Travel 1

    Let your child’s imagination soar as they travel to various regions of the world and learn how children in those countries live. Visit the FasTracKids International Expo at the end of the week.

  • Ready, Set, Travel 2

    All aboard the FasTrack Supersonic Exploring airplane! Azora and FasTracKids will fly to different countries across the world while learning games, famous landmarks and delicious foods found in those countries. The countries that are explored are Italy, Brazil, Egypt and the USA.

  • Destination Constellation

    Watch your child become a “FasTronaut” while learning about how astronauts train, live and work in space. Visit the FasTracKids Space Station at the end of the week.

  • Spencer Learns Sports

    Our favorite bunny is learning exercises and sports from around the world! FasTracKids join Spencer as he learns different stretches, exercises, yoga techniques and sports. Teammates and coaches teach how each sport is played and how sports give life lessons.

  • Artist Studio

    Join Ana Paula in the FasTrack art studio and be inspired by the works of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso while creating unique pieces of art! Students will enjoy creating their own cartoon story, interacting with digital art on the Learning Station, making several sculptures and illustrating books.

    • FasTrack® Camps

      a first camp experience for young learners, keeping the focus on fun while providing an opportunity to explore the worlds of an astronaut, a paleontologist or an international traveler.

    • World Renowned Education Experts

      FasTracKids Enrichment Centers serve 120,000 children each year in 270 locations worldwide

    • Designed to Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning

      FasTrack® programs capture their attention and stimulate their curiosity

    • Critical Thinking

      Every FasTracKids lesson gives your child an opportunity to think through and answer problem-solving activities.

    • Collaboration

      Our collaborative classroom environment offers your child the opportunity to work with and learn from other students

    • Creativity

      The FasTracKids methodology empowers your child to expand and hone their creativity

    • Communication

      All FasTracKids classrooms are language rich environments where children hear and respond to stimulating conversation

    • Confidence

      FasTracKids programs cultivate their sense of achievement and pride with positive reinforcement

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