Director's Welcome

  • Director's Welcome

    Welcome to Mandukhai Preschool and FasTracKids Mongolia

    Dear Parents
    On behalf of everyone at the school, I welcome you to Mandukhai Preschool and Kindergarten. The world is changing at an ever increasing rate, the pace of innovation and disruption is accelerating. Now it is more important than ever to make sure that our future generations are ready to take over and face the inedible, complex, and global challenges. Brain development is highest during the first five years of life. The brain is forming important neural paths to help develop the child’s ability to perform and function and learn well. Children are able to learn at a rapid rate and want and need to learn new information.

  • Our mission is to provide each child with the best school experience while promoting their social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.
    In our school learning takes place in a child-centered environment. Our school hires the best educators and nurturers who are dedicated to providing a happy and nurturing atmosphere in which children can develop a positive self-image and love of learning.
    From our initiatives to offer world class education to our commitment to non-GMO, hormone free, natural and organic foods, we are extremely proud to have been never compromising in our vision.
    Every year we welcome 90 returning and new students eager to learn. The children are valued as able, worthy individuals and are encouraged to develop singular talents and abilities while they are learning to be part of a group. Each child is offered unlimited possibilities to learn and grow through play, to try new activities, meet new challenges and to feel secure in a school environment.

    Mandukhai Tsogtgerel, Preschool Director