• The FasTrack® Advantages

    A 21st century learner is a strong, independent thinker who has the ability to compete effectively in a global environment. We offer your child the necessary, life-changing learning skills to access their full potential and prepare them for school and life.
    • World Renowned Education Experts

      FasTracKids Enrichment Centers serve 120,000 children each year in 270 locations worldwide

    • Designed to Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning

      FasTrack® programs capture their attention and stimulate their curiosity

    • Critical Thinking

      Every FasTracKids lesson gives your child an opportunity to think through and answer problem-solving activities.

    • Collaboration

      Our collaborative classroom environment offers your child the opportunity to work with and learn from other students.

    • Creativity

      The FasTracKids methodology empowers your child to expand and hone their creativity.

    • Communication

      All FasTracKids classrooms are language rich environments where children hear and respond to stimulating conversation.

    • Confidence

      FasTracKids programs cultivate their sense of achievement and pride with positive reinforcement.

    Each FasTracKids® program offers a combination of learning skills known as the FasTrack® Advantages. These advantages focus on the process of learning or HOW to think, NOT simply memorizing the content of learning or WHAT to think, while having fun in the classroom!
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      Since 1998, FasTracKids International, Ltd. (FTK) has provided innovative, proprietary early learning programs to young children

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      FasTracKids has grown to a presence in +50 countries

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      Satisfied Parents

      Independent research shows that FTK programs deliver high satisfaction rating

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      Found in over 270 licensed locations

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      FasTracKids enrichment centers serves more than 120,000 children annually.

  • FasTracKids Programs

  • We believe that your child is born with the potential to be successful. FasTracKids® programs build your child’s life-long learning skills that are essential for a bright future!

  • Each child learns differently and your child has unique preferences in the way they understand the world around them. Our methodology allows your child to be in a dynamic, active learning environment where they can thrive. We blend the best educational methods from Socrates to Montessori, with our proprietary approach called Educational Zig-Zagging. Our teachers guide your child through a combination of multimedia curriculum, hands-on projects and active classroom discussions.

    We offer these programs at a critical time in your child’s development. The years between 0-8 are when your child is developing cognitively, socially and emotionally. Our early childhood programs reinforce your child’s natural development and expand their capacity for learning. The most important ingredient of the FasTracKids programs is that they’re fun with a purpose, creating an engaged child and a successful learner.

    • FasTrack® Beginners
      Give your child an early educational advantage with age-appropriate content and English as a Foreign Language
      • 2 - 3
        Years old
    • FasTrack® Explorers
      The best first school experience for your child is through FasTrack® Explorers
      • 2 - 4
        Years old
    • FasTrack® Discoverers
      Engaging, multi-day preschool educational setting to nurture your preschooler’s inquisitiveness and prepare them for success
      • 3 - 5
        Years old
    • FasTrack® Science
      inspires students to discover the wonders of their world while making learning exciting and “Cleverly Disguised as Fun!”
      • 6 - 8
        Years old